Polarity: Nocturnal
Element: Earth
Modality: Cardinal
Traditional ruler: Saturn
Keywords: Disciplined and self-restricting
Symbol: ♑ (The goat)

As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn wants to make things work and find ways to practically utilize its resources. Pragmatic in sentiment, Capricorn is interested in what will help it reach its mountain peak of choice and is not overly concerned with what won’t. Capricorn thrives when it knows the rules, boundaries, and shapes of any circumstance or relationship. It also has a well-earned reputation for being a high achiever.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn — a planet that, as the slowest of the seven visible planets, appreciates the gift of time. It takes many moons to get through a year, and both Capricorn and Saturn innately understand how to conserve energy. As a result, this Saturn-ruled sign does much better with age. Youth has many enviable qualities, but time is a teacher that has no competition.

Because Capricorn is unfazed by discipline and long-term reward, this sign is motivated to perform phenomenal feats over long stretches of time. Capricorn is concerned with the kind of rigorous training that demands lifelong learning, and its ability to focus on a goal and attain it is outdone by no one. While Capricorn doesn’t need comfortable conditions or special treatment for a job well done, it’s never one to turn down an accolade, certificate, or societal recognition of effort.

Capricorn’s mascot is the mystical sea goat, a creature that can scale incredible heights along with impossible impasses, and that possesses the dexterity to accomplish any task. The fishtail donned by the sea goat also points to the emotional depths to which Capricorn can travel. Capricorn feels deeply, yet is known for self-containment and generally needs to explore its vulnerabilities in solitude.

When distorted, Capricorn is a master of self-restriction, self-denial, self-rejection, and self-punishment. This is a sign that it needs to remember how to let love, pleasure, and kindness in, especially when it feels it has failed at something. Capricorn must learn to open up to life’s opportunities so that it’s not missing out on the fruits of its own labor.

Note: Each sign has its own signature style, and every planet or point has to function through the filter of the sign it’s in. The manner in which this happens depends on all the planets, points, and signs involved. To find out which placements you have in Capricorn, download the CHANI app or use our chart tool.

What does it mean to have one of your “big three” in Capricorn?

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun passes through Capricorn from around December 21st to January 20th every year, though the exact dates will vary. In this sign, Sol is drawn to high heights. Not always outwardly emotive, your Sun urges you to travel to the realm of feeling on your own terms. It is big on boundaries, which means your rules of engagement should be taken seriously — by yourself and anyone who wishes to have your devotion. When distorted, the Sun in Capricorn can become remote, rigid, critical, and harsh. This placement isn’t likely to have you seeking comfort from others. Rather, you may feel emotionally fulfilled when you adhere to your personal code of ethics. That being said, Capricorn Suns often feel more at ease expressing themselves and opening up to others with a little time under their belt. Capricorn is a silver fox awaiting its season. “Getting better with age” is a sentiment made for this Sun sign.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn creates safety and security through accomplishing tasks and proving itself as a responsible member of society. Since the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, it has to learn how to operate in an environment — in this case an austere and diligent one — that it’s not used to. With this placement, self-denial or disconnection from your physical body can be used as a coping mechanism. Boundaries are very important to your Moon. Emotionally speaking, there may be parts of you that few people get a glimpse of, but the ones who do will be sacred to you. With an acute awareness of the grim realities of life, you might have an incredible sense of humor and deal with painful and delicate emotional material in very practical ways. The work of a Capricorn Moon is to understand and replenish the sense of lack from early in life. You must learn to replace constraint with comfort, whatever that means to you personally.

Ascendant (aka rising sign) in Capricorn

With a Capricorn Ascendant, you will be known for your discipline. Sustained by an inner fire, you realize your goals with a mixture of deep contemplation and an unwavering drive to get things done. You are motivated to perform phenomenal feats and incredible accomplishments over long periods, and your ability to focus on a goal and attain it is outdone by no one. Unfazed by the latest craze, your Capricorn ascendant can appear as an old soul. Capricorn is concerned with the kind of rigorous training that demands lifelong learning, and you’ll be known for your ability to thrive over time. Known for your emotional self-containment, you’ll generally need to explore your vulnerabilities in solitude. When distorted, your adherence to rules and boundaries can become restrictive limitations, and your job is to remember that you are here to achieve great feats and to experience love and affection.

What it means to have other planets and points in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn is all about pragmatic and strategic communication. In this sign, Mercury is skillful at setting lofty goals and breaking them down into small, doable steps. Think: Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists for pleasure. Here, Mercury isn’t afraid of an all-nighter or two if it means getting work done and committing to long-term rewards. That being said, it’s important for Mercury in Capricorn to take their rest and breaks as seriously as their long-term goals.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn builds bridges of connection through shared goals. Not one to believe in storybook endings, Venus in Capricorn understands that to commit to love is to commit to the sacred act of building with others. Rather than focusing on the finish line, this Venus thrives when dedicated to the dailiness of love. To the practical details that, when added up, affirm how deserving you are of doting and attention.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and calling Mars in Capricorn ambitious would be an understatement. Known for your ability to accomplish challenging tasks, you are emboldened to constantly outdo yourself. This placement helps you to be a leader in some regard, even if you would be more than happy to go off on your own. To counterbalance this, remind yourself no success or effort is achieved in a solitary vacuum.

Jupiter in Capricorn

In Capricorn, Jupiter is in its fall. Constrained by Capricorn’s austere style, Jupiter can become cautious of growth and expansion. Here, Jupiter is more skeptical, conservative in its ability to expend energy, and unwilling to risk its reputation. However, Jupiter in Capricorn does have a system of checks and balances, something that Jupiter in its home signs does not have. In Capricorn, Jupiter would prefer to feel the satisfaction of its well-earned accomplishments rather than depend on luck. This placement makes you understand where hard work meets opportunity. When it does, you know just which doors to carry yourself through.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is at home in Capricorn. Here, the planet of boundaries values discipline and a sturdy, reliable work ethic. While Saturn in Capricorn is comfortable playing the long game, it’s vital to celebrate your wins along the way. Remember to ease up on any self-directed criticism when things don’t go according to plan.

Chiron in Capricorn

With Chiron in Capricorn, discerning between healthy limits and constricting restrictions is your growth edge. Chiron in Capricorn has respect for structure. The danger is identifying too closely with what holds you in. It can be tempting to cling to scaffolding after you no longer require its support. It’s vital to pair sturdiness with elasticity. Be sure to sketch wiggle room into all of your plans.

Uranus in Capricorn

Uranus loves to innovate and disrupt. In Capricorn, it brings breakdowns and breakthroughs in the realms of institutions, finances, history, and leadership. Here, Uranus shakes up any stale beliefs or rigid systems when it comes to rules, authority, and tradition.

Neptune in Capricorn

The last time Neptune was in Capricorn was in 1998, and won’t be again until 2148. In Capricorn, Neptune brings its themes of illusion and idealism to fame, wealth, power, and financial institutions. This signature could indicate people who are inspired to dissolve systems of authority. However, they could benefit from questioning whose dreams of power and success they’ve absorbed and investigating how these fantasies cloud their perception of a life well lived.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, and won’t officially leave this sign until 2024. Currently, late Gen Z and Gen Alpha people have this signature. Pluto in Capricorn embodies an ability to learn from lessons of the past and alchemically transform them into viable structures for future generations.

North Node in Capricorn

With the North Node in Capricorn, your hunger in this life may involve building solid structures of support for yourself. Whether it’s a home, family, or career, you’re determined to create foundations that help you feel anchored and safe. However, the containers that hold you up may feel restricting at times. The counter-balance involves a return to the people, spaces, and projects that fuel you in the first place.

South Node in Capricorn

With the South Node in Capricorn, you’re able to build resilient, fool-proof structures, but it might feel hard to trust them. Learning how to do so is a must for you. You could be comfortable offering your practical gifts to other people, while not always affording yourself the same clarity or containment. When emotions sweep you up, trace your way back to the logic, designs, and discipline you’ve constructed in your inner and outer life. Every time you do, you let yourself relax into the foundations you’ve established.

MC in Capricorn

If your MC (or midheaven) is in Capricorn, you are a natural leader in your vocation or public life. While you’d do well in management roles, there are endless ways you motivate other people — whether you work with them directly or not. You possess the virtue of diligence and the wisdom of long-term planning. And while talent helps, doggedness is non-negotiable. Your Capricorn MC offers you both.

IC in Capricorn

An IC in Capricorn suggests that your root cellar is packed with old abacuses, business plans, and well-worn pencils. Capricorn is a pragmatic, hard-working sign, with a streak of stoicism. Your caregivers may have taken the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” approach to parenting — and you might have absorbed their habit of disguising tears as allergies. Your childhood could have felt highly ordered, with lists of rules painted on the kitchen whiteboard. As an adult, you have the power to decide which stem cuttings to pass on — and which to prune.

DC in Capricorn

Your DC (or descendant) in Capricorn magnetizes you toward folks who behold your emotional weather systems and make it their work to build a rainproof roof. In return, you offer all-encompassing love. While your best friends and beloveds may wear a crisp, self-possessed exterior, you don a shell of your own too. Yet, their steadfastness also inspires you to drop your walls and bear your whole heart. Your significant relationships will always involve the work of construction: building a palace, a world, or a home that keeps you both inspired and safe.

Affirmation for Capricorn 

I am committed to being kind to myself. My responsibility is to honor love, joy, and pleasure as much as I honor my work in the world.


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