Polarity: Diurnal
Element: Fire
Modality: Cardinal
Traditional ruler: Mars
Keywords: Independent and action-oriented
Symbol: ♈ (The ram)

As the sign of cardinal fire, Aries is the spark plug of the zodiac. It is an expert instigator, a trailblazer, and a firebrand. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and combat, Aries is strong, independent, and game-day ready. If you have planets or angles in Aries, you prefer to confront challenges horns first. This is an act now, think later kind of sign, which brings heat to any planet or point that resides within its domain.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of Aries season corresponds to the first day of spring, and that tells us something. Think of how headstrong a seedling must be to push through the thawing earth. Or how insistent a baby lamb must be as it butts its way out of its mom. Aries possesses that kind of oomph.

If you have key placements in this sign, you feel called to prove yourself through acts of courage, bravery, and decisiveness. But that drive can become self-serving if the emphasis is fixed on proving yourself right. Remember: Not every interaction needs to be a duel. When distorted, Aries can be pushy, forceful, aggressive, arrogant, and inflammatory. While planets or points in Aries desire to be first at all costs, this urge can be tempered with care and self-reflection.

Aries’ need for speed comes in handy when it’s time to kickstart a project or kindle fresh energy. If others don’t keep up with its pace, the sign can get impatient and testy. But Aries’ decisiveness is a gift. For better or worse, this cardinal fire sign doesn’t wait around for anyone’s permission or approval. It possesses a fearless ability to blaze its own path.

Note: Each sign has its own signature style, and every planet or point has to function through the filter of the sign it’s in. The manner in which this happens depends on all the planets, points, and signs involved. To find out which placements you have in Aries, download the CHANI app or use our chart tool.

What does it mean to have one of your “big three” in Aries?

Sun in Aries

The Sun passes through Aries from around March 21st to April 19th every year, though the exact dates will vary. Sol is exalted in Aries, which means it functions in this sign with confidence and vigor. If Aries is your Sun sign, it doesn’t guarantee you a life of ease and fame, but it does indicate that you possess a reservoir of vitality, courage, and strength. You’re a natural leader, and others look to you to light the way.

Moon in Aries

If your Moon is in Aries, you’re likely to be courageous, independent, and maybe a little hot-tempered. Feelings can flare with this Moon sign, but not permanently, as Aries is quick to move on. Freedom is a must for an Aries Moon to feel emotionally centered, though the level of independence you need will vary depending on the rest of your chart. Aries is not a sign that knows how to wallow. In fact, taking action can be a form of self-care for this lunar placement. A little adventure in your day-to-day life won’t hurt either.

Ascendant (aka rising sign) in Aries 

If your ascendant is in Aries, you’ll want to be known for your ability to launch into action. With great courage and little consideration for consequences, your Aries ascendant needs the experience that only risk can reward you with. Though others might read your style as aggressive, your way of being in the world is straightforward. Be it in love, work, or leisure, your Aries ascendant needs a little edge to stay interested. With Aries rising, that makes Mars your chart ruler. Aptly, others know you for your independence, competitiveness, and gumption. This also means that you have a penchant for proving yourself through stressful, courageous acts that test your ability to struggle and emerge triumphant.

What it means to have other planets and points in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries is bold and explicit. If you have the messenger in this sign, your speaking and thinking style will be fast-paced. Some might describe your communications as “abrupt,” but others no doubt appreciate your candor.

Venus in Aries

Venus is in detriment in Aries, which means it’s residing in a sign contrary to its natural tendencies. Aries causes conflict, and Venus wants harmony. But sometimes this tension can be generative — both sex and creativity require friction, after all. Venus in Aries runs hot, so you may burn through relationships at a fast pace, at least in early life. But as long as you don’t stifle your energy, anger, or desire, this placement can make you a courageous lover and creatrix.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries is bold, fast, and furious. The planet of action is at home in this fire sign. With this placement, you may possess athletic prowess, courage, and drive. Knowing what you are protecting, serving, and fighting for can help you go far with any aim.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries is known for courageous expansion. With this placement, you have much to gain through bravery, autonomy, and calculated risk. When it comes to long-term happiness, a sense of adventure and freedom will be necessary ingredients.

Saturn in Aries

Saturn is considered to be in its fall in Aries, which means you may struggle to strike a balance between setting harsh limits and burning down the borders that keep you safe. Like any planet in its fall, Saturn in Aries feels demoted. You have to work overtime to understand the nuances between self-discipline and self-denial. Solitude and isolation. Self-respect and self-sabotage. The reward of doing so is owning your power and knowing precisely what you want to do with it. 

Chiron in Aries

With Chiron in Aries, your impulsiveness is a mentor. While it may lead to wounds early in life, a little trial and error will help you mature your reckless abandon into an ability to spearhead new paths in the realms of teaching and healing.

Uranus in Aries

Not only are you a rebel with a cause — you’re the first one at the protest. Uranus loves to shatter the status quo. In Aries, it will do so with impulsiveness, even recklessness. What it lacks in forethought, it makes up for in courage. But it could use some practice when it comes to compromise or negotiation.

Neptune in Aries

Neptune hasn’t been in Aries since 1875, which means the next generation of people with this signature doesn’t yet exist — but they’re coming soon in 2025. In Aries, Neptune will bring its themes of illusion, fantasy, and idealism to the fiery realms of protest, competition, and conflict. While this signature could indicate masses inspired to pursue a common goal, they’ll have to take care not to be carried away in a fervor.

Pluto in Aries

Pluto hasn’t been in Aries since 1852, and it won’t be again until 2068. No one on the planet right now has this signature. But if we imagine past and future generations of Pluto in Aries, they are people who would transform themselves and the world through bold, incisive action.

North Node in Aries

With the North Node in Aries, self-focus is amplified, autonomy is a must, and the urge to come first is paramount. 

South Node in Aries

With the South Node in Aries, self-focus is diminished. You’re more concerned with compromise and negotiation than winning at all costs.

MC in Aries

When your MC (or midheaven) is in Aries, your career, vocation, and/or public roles are a sport — and you want to win. You’re a bold leader, and you thrive in settings where you can make your own rules and be your own boss. Or, at the very least, exercise a certain level of freedom in your day-to-day. 

IC in Aries

Your home or family life is a testing ground with the IC (or imum coeli) in Aries. Monopoly with the siblings may inspire overturned game boards or projectile playing-piece warfare. Your caregivers model courage and strength, but you might still need to detangle their tendency to get impatient, angry, or reactive.

DC in Aries

The folks you gravitate toward burn hotter than most if your DC (or descendant) is located in Aries. They have a courageous streak, which sparks into rash choices at times. You temper their fire, adding a rinse of reason to their caustic decision-making. But they also inspire you to take risks and pursue growth edges for the sole reason that they unnerve you.

Affirmation for Aries

I honor my energy and its power by working at what makes me feel free.


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