When: March 25th, 2024, at 12:00 am PT

What: Lunar South Node eclipse in Libra

Takeaway: This eclipse will emphasize the imbalanced relationship patterns we’re ready to release. Cutting ties with our own or others’ disempowering behaviors can be draining work, but doing so plugs us back into our core desires. Shutting the blinds, sleeping in, and upping our TLC will help us emerge from this lunation with clarified agency.

Release codependency and find clarity

The lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th ushers in another season of surprises. Eclipses come around about every six months and notoriously trigger wake-ups and shake-ups. The ancients thought it an eerie experience to witness their central luminaries darkened out in the sky. Likewise, “eclipse season” can be a rattling time for the human nervous system. But it’s also a potent opportunity to snap unhelpful patterns and set new ones.

Eclipses always work their tricky magic in pairs. Since April 19th, 2023, celestial flashpoints have been occurring across the Aries/Libra axis, activating themes of independence and peacekeeping. So this Libra eclipse on March 25th, 2024, continues a plotline that’s already unfurling for you. Recall the last Libra eclipse that occurred on October 14th, 2023, to uncover clues about how your interpersonal dynamics have been activated thus far.

As a Venus-ruled air sign, Libra is exquisitely attuned to relationships, creativity, and what’s required for pleasurable co-existence. Harmonizing, color-coordinating, and mediating are its fortes. But this discerning sign doesn’t just waltz in with a rose clasped between its teeth. It also arrives with a sharp sword clasped in its hand to sever connections that don’t serve. This eclipse will highlight the bonds you need to break with yourself or others so that you can break bread later. 

People-pleasing: It’s got to go

Anywhere you’ve stifled your firepower to woo partners, appease authority figures, or sway the masses is up for reassessment. There is a price to pay for dimming your desires and giving into consensus too readily: losing your connection to your agency, vitality, and truth. If your awareness of these costs rises to the forefront this eclipse season, it’s to inspire you to act more audaciously. 

Libra eclipses sometimes correlate with global events that have to do with peace-keeping, boundary negotiations, or other political agreements, along with the pressure to “choose a side.” If these topics or themes show up prominently in your experience, ensure that your behaviors align with your values. If you’ve been holding your tongue around the dinner table just to avoid awkwardness, assess whether there’s a way to tactfully advocate for what you believe is right. Building bridges without over-compromising your truth is tricky work. But it’s crucial. 

Up your self-care as you shed what’s holding you back

This eclipse is happening near the South Node of the Moon, a point in space that the ancients mythologized as the tail of a dragon. With each swish of its scales, this firebreather sheds something heavy that was weighing it down. Likewise, South Node eclipses often stir up the past so we can sort through it. The relationships or relationship patterns that have played a significant role in our lives so far may be magnified in the weeks or days leading up to or following March 25th. Whether familiar faces remerge at this time or memory’s pull becomes extra intoxicating, all blasts from the past are portals to reexamining old stories and finding closure. Particularly if they relate to imbalances in effort, power, or understanding.

During a lunar eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up in such a way that the Moon gets obscured by Earth’s shadow. These lunations are known to escalate inner and outer soap operatics. You can imagine lunar eclipses as being like a salt scrub for the emotional body, sloughing off the residue of stuck feelings. It can be uncomfortable to brush up against our pain points, but doing so helps us shed the memories and moods that obscure our clarity. 

Because of their tenderness, the days surrounding a lunar eclipse are prime opportunities for practicing lots of self-care. Long naps, piping hot cups of tea, journaling, or self-reflection in the tub can gently assist the process. Slowing down and allowing what wants to surface is the key to moving through your inner blocks and slowly reigniting your power. Welcome healing insights if they come knocking, but there’s no need to force resolutions or conclusions at this time. Easy does it. Laying low (perhaps with a box of tissues or a cozy blanket in tow) is the key to catharsis. 

11 ways to work with the lunar eclipse in Libra

  1. Expect the unexpected. Schedule breathing room in your calendar as a buffer against unforeseeable events.
  2. Refrain from making big decisions or launching major initiatives from March 25th to April 8th (aka eclipse season). Eclipse energy is volatile, so it’s best to start projects after the turbulence has passed.
  3. Craft a list of the most important relationships in your life. Then journal about any repetitive interpersonal patterns you would like to shift. How would your life change if you let the unhelpful dynamics go?
  4. Assess your comfort with advocacy work — whether for yourself or a social justice cause. If your integrity requires you to be more assertive about your values and beliefs, think of one small way you can do so.
  5. Donate old clothes, trinkets, or other objects that no longer bring you joy. This will open up space for new treasures to arrive.
  6. Clean and purify your living space. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, so beautifying your immediate environment can assist your metamorphosis. As you sweep, scrub, or bless your sanctuaries, release anything in your life that’s holding you back from reaching your potential.
  7. Rest abundantly. Limiting screen time, anointing yourself with essential oils, or meditating before bed can all help you unwind.
  8. Prioritize quality time with the people and activities that replenish your system. Say no to everything else for now.
  9. Make time to feel. Morning crying sessions, afternoon dates with your journal, and/or spontaneous dance parties can all help facilitate your emotions. 
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