When: April 20th, 2024, at 7:26 pm PT

What: A once-every-14-years conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus 

Takeaway: The planets of expansion (Jupiter) and disruption (Uranus) join forces in the sign of Taurus. This rare union will unleash waves of creativity, rebellion, innovation, and exploration in the collective. Let the games begin. 

Understanding Jupiter and Uranus

Jupiter is an expander. As the planet of luck, abundance, faith, and wisdom, Jupiter gathers us under the umbrella of a common cause, belief system, or mythology. Uranus, on the other hand, is more focused on shaking up the status quo. The first planet discovered beyond what we can perceive with the naked eye, Uranus helps us smash the barriers that hold us back.

Enter: The dream team

Approximately every 14 years, Jupiter and Uranus meet, prompting breakthroughs in faith, wisdom, technology, and spirituality. The conjunction of these two planets gives us a necessary push toward the future. The tide turns, and opportunities bloom in surprising places. Like a lightning flash suddenly illuminating a dark landscape, these eureka moments can provoke both fear and awe. Rapid change, whether positive or negative, can be destabilizing. Thankfully, this time around, this conjunction will occur in Taurus, the steady earth sign that grounds even the most dramatic growth spurts.

Though Jupiter and Uranus diverge in their methods, they share a restless desire to surpass existing limitations. They awaken the feeling that anything is possible. They activate the creative potential that exists in all of us. If Uranus is a rocket, then Jupiter is the launching pad. With their powers combined, we’re ready for liftoff.

Because these two planets are meeting in Taurus, these expansive shifts are rooted in the Earth. The stakes of the climate crisis have never been higher, and perhaps this moment will nudge the collective toward necessary innovation and creative problem-solving. In this sign, this conjunction could also transform our financial systems, supply chains, earthly resources, agriculture, and food distribution systems. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, so we might also witness a renaissance in fashion, film, and the arts.

Why a Jupiter–Uranus conjunction is so major

The relatively rare alignment of Jupiter and Uranus comes every 14 years, but it’s happened in Taurus only five times in the past millennium (1015 – 1016, 1098 – 1099, 1181, 1858, and 1941, to be exact) — and they won’t meet again in this sign until 2107. So this Taurus conjunction is a highly anticipated moment. Cue the mind-blown emoji.

The last time Jupiter and Uranus joined forces in Taurus, the horrors of World War II were peaking. During this period of global conflict, women flooded the workforce in ways they hadn’t before, taking over the jobs vacated by soldiers. As more women took over historically male-dominated trades, such as producing arms in factories or driving fire trucks and ambulances, unions were pressured to advocate for equal pay. The shocking, Uranian upheaval of war opened the way for women to make major gains in feminism, though such gains were far from intersectional. Women of color had occupied the workforce since long before WWII, but income disparity persisted along racial lines, as it does today.

Much has changed since 1941, but the struggle continues for justice in the workplace and the economy. The rapid development of technology and remote work since the pandemic is setting the stage for another dramatic shift. Inflation, the rising cost of living, the advancements of AI, and ongoing economic inequities all point toward a larger rebellion.

Notably, union action has been expanding since Jupiter entered Taurus, a sign concerned with the essentials of basic survival. Last year’s writer and actor strikes, which rocked Hollywood, evoked Taurus’ ruler, Venus — a planet associated with creative industries. These protests within the arts foreshadow a larger, multi-industry labor movement.

With recent advancements in OpenAI’s text-to-video tool, Sora, we’re getting closer and closer to opening a Pandora’s box of possibilities such as entirely AI-generated films, videos, and games. Though Sora is not yet available for public use, the rise of this technology could trigger even more resistance within the film, media, and arts industries as we reclaim the true value of human authorship.

An intensification of strikes, protests, and union action feels inevitable as Jupiter forms an alliance with Uranus, the planet of social upheaval. The appetite for change is already here — and Jupiter, the planet of goodwill, will help us satisfy it. Every revolution needs organizing to make a long-term impact. Jupiter will bring together our grassroots movements in expansive and cohesive ways.

Further quantum leaps

In addition to ushering in major progress in feminism and workplace rights, the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction of 1941 also sparked sweeping technological advances. That year, Konrad Zuse completed the world’s first computer in Germany. Known as Z3, this fully automatic digital computer was created to improve the aerodynamics of airplanes during World War II. Though the original Z3 was destroyed during the Allied bombing of Berlin, the invention paved the way for the digital age.

In general, Jupiter–Uranus conjunctions bring sudden windfalls or a collective relief from challenging circumstances, and the 1941 conjunction in money-focused Taurus coincided with the end of the Great Depression in the United States. Yet the aftermath of this economic strife was anything but smooth. Though the manufacturing and mobilization efforts of the Second World War lifted many out of unemployment, the mechanized horrors of this conflict — such as the surprise attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 — scarred generations to come.

Other notable Jupiter–Uranus conjunctions

As far as boundary-shattering exploration goes, it doesn’t get more archetypal than leaving Earth’s stratosphere. A Jupiter–Uranus conjunction coincided with the Apollo Moon landing on July 20th, 1969, when astronauts walked on the surface of the Moon for the first time in history. On this day, Jupiter and Uranus conjoined on the first degree of Libra — and appropriately, the Moon was with both planets in this sign.

The end of the 1960s was also a groundbreaking period for human rights. Though Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus peaks when they join at the same degree, their combined energies can still be felt when the two planets are in the same sign. Libra is devoted to social justice, and Jupiter’s co-presence with Uranus in this sign coincided with anti-war protests, the launch of the Woodstock music festival, the rise of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, and the beginning of the gay liberation and second-wave feminist movements. And speaking of Libra’s social networks, the first internet message was successfully sent in 1969 by ARPANET, which would evolve into the modern World Wide Web.

As the next Jupiter–Uranus conjunction approaches, space travel has once again been making headlines. A commercial spacecraft, Odysseus, successfully landed near the lunar south pole on February 23rd, 2024. This groundbreaking moment was the first time a privately funded spacecraft has ever touched down on the Moon. This advancement could open the way for a lunar — or even Martian — human base in the future. The billionaire space race also brings up stickier questions about the spread of capitalism and colonialism beyond our home planet — and likely signals a site of future resistance.

Examples of this conjunction’s breakthroughs could fill a book, but suffice it to say that no figurehead, political block, belief system, or seat of power is immune to the rallying cry of Jupiter and Uranus. As the volatility of our current moment percolates, it doesn’t take an astrologer’s expertise to note that desires for change are reaching a crescendo — in a US election year, no less.

Six ways to work with the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction

Though this conjunction is rare enough to leave its mark on a whole generation, it will boost our lives on a personal level too. Whatever house Taurus occupies in your chart will be the site of sudden innovations and bold beginnings. Remind yourself where that is by pulling up your chart in the CHANI app or with our online chart tool. Then make the most of this transit with these six tips:

  1. Believe in your potential to begin again — even if that means making just one small move toward greater freedom in your life. What feels like a minor decision now can result in major waves.
  2. Give back to your communities in practical ways. Whether you donate to a cause that’s meaningful to you or attend a local protest, this Jupiter–Uranus conjunction will be even more powerful — and fun — if we roll up our sleeves together. If you’re unsure how to help, scour your neighborhood bulletin boards to get a sense of where your talents could make a difference.
  3. Explore creative outlets for channeling this energy. Try sketching a tattoo idea or drafting your magnum opus. Whatever you do, artistic inventiveness is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Your pleasures are due for renewal too, so discover sensual delights outside your usual comfort zone.
  4. Ground yourself as much as possible to avoid the heightened sense of urgency that can come with this transit. Center the practices and rituals that bring you back to the present moment. Remember that what’s meant for you will never rush you.
  5. Challenge the beliefs, habits, fears, or scripts blocking the change you crave. Stirring up impostor syndrome and giving inner critics too much airtime are among the sneaky ways our subconscious sustains the status quo. Refuse to play along by dream-boarding how you imagine a life of real freedom. Get specific. After all, Taurus is a sign that revels in the tangible details.
  6. Find out if the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction will impact your natal placements by checking the Transits tab of the CHANI app around April 20th, 2024. These readings update in real time, so it’s worth checking them every day to avoid missing a beat. You can also read your Current Sky horoscopes for both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, which outline how these transits will affect your life, based on your rising sign.


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