Polarity: Nocturnal
Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed
Traditional ruler: Venus
Keywords: Stabilizing and grounded
Symbol: ♉ (The bull)

As the sign of fixed earth, Taurus takes the rushing, exuberant, and unrefined energy of life and makes use of it. It channels potential into tangible form. And molds it into art. Taurus creates, builds, and nurtures.

The horns of the bull, the symbol for Taurus, have been associated with the crescent Moon, a symbol of the Goddess, or Creatrix, and giver of life. Partly for these reasons, Taurus’ energy is naturally fertile. Ruled by Venus — the planet of love and pleasure — Taurus always says “yes” to the more delightful option. The night in with sweatpants. The silk sheets. The cheese board. The overflowing basket of fruit and wildflowers. This sign knows a thing or two about seeking out and savoring what it loves in this life.

In addition to knowing how to enjoy the physical realm, Taurus has a reputation for being grounded. Its steadying force can make those around it feel anchored too. And for good reason: No one knows how to chill like a bull. However, while it’s easy for Taurus to offer coziness to others, it takes some convincing for Taurus to remember it is deserving of nourishing support too.

Above all, Taurus is here to build and enjoy a life of pleasure and productivity. Taurus’ magic might be slow, but it is also stubbornly strong. When distorted, this energy can become controlling, possessive, and overly fixated on security. Because Taurus’ mission is to stabilize, taking risks, changing course, or leaving halfway through a bad movie can feel like too much of a deviation from its generally consistent rhythm. Therefore, Taurus can get stuck in its ways, ruts, and ideas about life.

The trick for Taurus is to remember it is allowed to change its mind. Nature doesn’t rush, but it does adapt. When Taurus practices flexibility, there’s nothing this bull can’t face.

Note: Each sign has its own signature style, and every planet or point has to function through the filter of the sign it’s in. The manner in which this happens depends on all the planets, points, and signs involved. To find out which placements you have in Taurus, download the CHANI app or use our chart tool.

What does it mean to have one of your “big three” in Taurus?

Sun in Taurus

The Sun passes through Taurus from around April 20th to May 21st every year, though the exact dates will vary. If Taurus is your Sun sign, generosity and resourcefulness inform your life purpose. You may use certainty as a defense mechanism and tend toward inflexibility or inertia from time to time. Your Sun will be challenged to learn how to balance your desire for consistency with the need to take the necessary risks to support your growth.

Moon in Taurus

With your Moon in Taurus, you’ll crave stable, reliable comforts. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it has extra strength here. It is able to do its job well here — nurturing, building bonds, and birthing (literally or metaphorically). Your Moon in Taurus will need to build secure and lasting relationships with others, whether romantic, platonic, or familial. You’ll also need sensual pleasures to turn to in times of emotional instability, as well as outlets to manifest your talents here on the physical plane.

Ascendant (aka rising sign) in Taurus

If your ascendant is in Taurus, you’ll be known for your ability to use available resources to make something beautiful and long-lasting out of them. Your Taurus ascendant knows how to bring raw material into form. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, connection, and pleasure, Taurus knows how to build an enduring love nest. You’re known for your stubbornness, but also your ability to ground and manifest the potential that passes others by. The more you feel aligned with your generativity, the more at home you are.

What it means to have other planets and points in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus is all about slow, steady communication. Thinking takes on a leisurely pace if you have the messenger planet in this sign. You likely favor the simple and the practical over the complex or the abstract. You get to the core of a topic and solve problems with a can-do attitude.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is at home in Taurus. If you have the planet of love here, you woo and are wooed by sensual pleasures that are undeniably satiating. You have the gift of cultivating harmonious connection and comfort. Yet, Venus in Taurus can prefer ease over everything else. With this placement, you may need to galvanize yourself into action.

Mars in Taurus

Mars is in detriment in Taurus, which means the warrior planet has to work in conditions opposite to its nature. In Taurus, Mars may defend itself through inaction. Some might call this laziness, but you can’t push a bull. It’s not that Mars in this sign doesn’t get angry or move forward, it’s just slow to rouse. For you, nothing won in a rush is satisfying. You prefer the long road.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus is known for steady, generative growth and magnified sensory experiences. This placement cultivates abundance through dedication and patience. When distorted, it can tip into materialism, a scarcity mindset, or overindulgence, so Jupiter in Taurus always benefits from sharing its bounty with others.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus is all about disciplined persistence. Here, the planet of boundaries values dedication and effort that proves you’re in it for the long haul. This is a Saturn that will need to build solid structures to support long-term generativity.

Chiron in Taurus

With Chiron in Taurus, slow growth is your mentor. Early on, you may have responded to life’s curves by digging your hooves in. But you’re learning to let events run their course from seed to completion. Calm methodology and trust in the cyclical nature of all things can soothe any aches you harbor around getting something “perfect”.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus shakes up the status quo. It brings innovations, breakdowns, and breakthroughs in banking practices, social security nets, and how we work with the Earth’s resources. This is a Uranus that’s particularly passionate about disrupting extractive systems and redefining abundance beyond normative frames.

Neptune in Taurus

Neptune hasn’t been in Taurus since 1889, and won’t be again until 2039. In Taurus, Neptune will bring its themes of illusion, fantasy, and idealism to materialism and consumption. While this signature could indicate masses inspired to transform dreams into matter, they’ll need to challenge the quick-fixes and cure-all potions that come at a high ethical or environmental price.

Pluto in Taurus

Pluto hasn’t been in Taurus since 1883, and it won’t be again until 2098. No one on the planet right now has this signature. But if we reflect on past generations of Pluto in Taurus, they transformed themselves and the world by redefining how we relate to and work with resources.

North Node in Taurus

With the North Node in Taurus, both sensuality and the ability to create are amplified. You are able to feel your way through problems with the wisdom of your senses. Pleasure helps you ground.

South Node in Taurus

With the South Node in Taurus, trust in pleasant and stable conditions can be diminished. So, it’s important to bring your inner optimist out to play now and then, or find activities that ground you. Eventually, you’ll grow more comfortable accepting the ease that flows to you.

MC in Taurus

If your MC (or midheaven) is in Taurus, your career, vocation, or public roles will have a tangible side. However, you’re unlikely to be satisfied with positions that are merely functional or transactional. Part of your work will involve redefining pleasure and beauty in accordance with your values.

IC in Taurus

The IC in Taurus points to a childhood that may have been quilted with creature comforts. There’s a chance you felt mentored by the land itself while growing up. Today, whether your decor involves designer furniture or thrift store curios, a handcrafted swath of opulence marks your abode. You root from the Earth and its touchable, tastable splendors.

DC in Taurus

A DC (or descendant) in Taurus suggests that you gravitate to those who are grounded in the material world and notice beauty wherever they are — they’re the sort of person to make crafts, mementos, or talismans from physical objects. Your besties and beloveds know just how to puncture your funk by pointing out the first rose of the season or showing up at your house unannounced with a loaf of home-baked bread. They offer you an anchorage, no matter what.

Affirmation for Taurus

I honor my need for stability, security, and consistency while encouraging myself to take thoughtful risks.


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