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Whether you’re an amateur baker or a seasoned professional, the best baking tools and equipment can instantly upgrade your next baking session. But with all the different kinds of tools that can go into baking, finding the best baking sheets, best baking dishes, or best silicone baking mat can take a lot of trial and error.

That’s why I put together this master list of some of my all-time favorite baking products, from bread-baking tools to the best mixer for baking! Whether you need a few items to complete your kitchen or you’re starting from scratch, these are the essential baking tools I can’t live without.

A photo of pink cheesecake with sliced strawberries on top.
Credit: The Recipe Critic

My Top Picks:

  1. Best Baking Sheets: Nordic Ware 3 Piece Baker’s Delight Set – $26.98 at Amazon
  2. Best Food Scale: OXO Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale – $55.95 at Amazon
  3. Best Bench Scraper: Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper – $8.99 at Amazon
  4. Best Cookie Scoop: Open Kitchen by Williams Sonoma Ice Cream Scoop – $22.95 at Williams Sonoma
  5. Best Bowl Scraper: Ateco Bowl Scraper – $3.99 at Amazon
  6. Best Springform Pan: Calaphon Springform Pan – $27.49 at Amazon
  7. Best Offset Spatula: Ateco Offset Spatula – $9.83 at Amazon
  8. Best Rolling Pin: JK Adams French Dowel Rolling Pin – $14.96 at Amazon
  9. Best Dough Blender: Spring Chef Dough Blender – $7.99 at Amazon
  10. Best Cake Decorating Tips: Ateco Cake Decorating Tip Set – $9.99 at Amazon

`1. Best Baking Sheets: Nordic Ware 3-Piece Baker’s Delight Set

Nordic Ware 3-Piece Baker's Delight Set
Credit: Amazon

I own these baking sheets and am always using them for recipes like my Brookies Cookies and White Chocolate Oreo Cookies! I love them because of their versatility. From making one-pan dinners to sheet-pan cakes, this pure aluminum set includes three different sizes: a quarter sheet, a jelly roll, and a half-sheet pan, so you can always have the perfect option on hand. Nordic Ware’s baking sheets have even landed on guides from other top publications, like Food & Wine, Wirecutter, and more.

2. Best Food Scale: OXO Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale

OXO Good Grips 11-Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale
Credit: Amazon

The most accurate way to measure ingredients in baked goods is to do it by weight. I love this nifty digital scale from OXO because it has a pull-out display and easy-to-use functions that can weigh ingredients up to 11 pounds. It also comes highly recommended by Food & Wine, Taste of Home, Epicurious, and Serious Eats.

3. Best Bench Scraper: Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper

Amazon Basics Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper
Credit: Amazon

A bench scraper is one of the most underrated kitchen items, but it earns a spot on my list of the best baking tools. I love using one because it helps me maintain a tidy workspace, and this pick from Amazon is great for cutting dough, scraping surfaces, and smoothing icing on cakes. You don’t need anything expensive or fancy when it comes to a bench scraper, but this one has useful tick marks that can help you measure items up to 6 inches long.

Open Kitchen by Williams Sonoma Ice Cream Scoop
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Although cookie scoops can be fairly affordable, you want to make sure you’re buying a durable tool, like my favorite one from Williams Sonoma. Not only will it help you make uniform cookies, but it can also be used for meatballs, ice cream, cake pops, and more. This scoop will give you pretty standard-sized cookies.

5. Best Bowl Scraper: Ateco Bowl Scraper

Ateco Bowl Scraper
Credit: Amazon

Like a bench scraper, a good bowl scraper will help you keep your kitchen clean and organized during the baking process. It can scrape dough or any ingredients cleanly from bowls or work surfaces. This pick from Ateco is made from plastic, which is gentler and less abrasive than a metal bench scraper, so you won’t have to worry about scratching your mixing bowls or counter. Ateco makes excellent baking accessories — you’ll see a few of them on this list — and this is one of my all-time favorites.

6. Best Springform Pan: Calphalon Springform Pan

Calphalon Springform Pan
Credit: Amazon

The Calphalon springform pan boasts a durable steel construction that’s perfect for an even bake. The nonstick coating helps release cakes easily, which makes it the ideal candidate for recipes like my Biscoff Cheesecake or my Buttermilk Cake. Besides the fact that I absolutely love it, it’s also a top-tier recommendation from experts over at Food Network, America’s Test Kitchen, and Business Insider.

7. Best Offset Spatula: Ateco Offset Spatula 

Ateco Offset Spatula 
Credit: Amazon

Once again, Ateco takes the cake (literally). I’ve found that the brand’s cake spatulas, including this offset model, tend to be firmer than others, which makes for easier control and crisper lines when frosting cakes. This option has a 7.63-inch stainless steel blade that’s perfect for my Lemon Raspberry Cake. 

8. Best Rolling Pin: JK Adams French Dowel Rolling Pin

JK Adams French Dowel Rolling Pin
Credit: Amazon

JK Adams’ French Dowel Rolling Pin is my personal favorite tool for rolling out dough. It’s easy to maneuver and simple to maintain thanks to the long, tapered design. Although it’s hand wash only, I think it’s 100% worth having in your kitchen for bread and pizza dough. This rolling pin is also recommended by Serious Eats, The Spruce Eats, and Epicurious.

 9. Best Dough Blender: Spring Chef Dough Blender

Spring Chef Dough Blender
Credit: Amazon

Whether you’re hand mixing doughs like pie crusts, dumplings, or scones, the Spring Chef Dough Blender is easy on your hands and wrists and will give your baked goods an even better texture. Plus, it’s made by a small business, and when you’re done, you can easily toss it in the dishwasher.

10. Best Cake Decorating Tips: Ateco Cake Decorating Tip Set

Ateco Cake Decorating Tip Set
Credit: Amazon

I absolutely love using this cake decorating tip set for creating fun, sleek designs. At around $15, this 6-piece set is affordable but still boasts a durable design — plus, you basically get every kind of piping tip needed for baking and decorating. It’s a great starter set or a long-lasting upgrade.

11. Best Loaf Pan: Wilton Loaf Pan

Wilton Loaf Pan
Credit: Walmart

Baking bread loaves requires a good loaf pan, and I love this one from Wilton. At around $10, it’s a steal thanks to the nonstick surface. It’s ideal for carefully extracting cooled bakes and transferring them to a cooling rack. If you need some inspiration, I recommend using this loaf pan to make my Copycat Starbucks Lemon Loaf and my Perfect Pumpkin Bread.

12. Best Stand Mixer: KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
Credit: Amazon

KitchenAid stand mixers are an excellent tool if you’ll be baking cakes or breads in large batches. Plus, you can invest in a lot of different attachments, such as an ice cream mixing bowl, a meat grinder, a juicer, or a pasta roller. The tilt-head model is great for beginners and smaller batches, whereas the bowl-lift has a much larger capacity and a higher power motor.

13. Best Silicone Baking Mat: Silpat Silicone Baking Mat

Silpat Silicone Baking Mat
Credit: Amazon

For easier cleaning, a nonstick surface, and even heating, a silicone baking mat is a must. I’m a big fan of this one from Silpat because it’s safe to use in the freezer, microwave, and oven. Don’t just take it from me, though — it has a 4.8-star rating from more than 8,700 Amazon shoppers. 

14. Best Cooling Rack: Wilton 3-Tier Folding Cooling Grid

Wilton 3-Tier Folding Cooling Grid
Credit: Amazon

Like any good cooling rack, this one from Wilton will cool your baked goods when they’re fresh out of the oven. I personally like this pick from Wilton because of the three-tier design that triples your space, giving you ample room to cool a big batch of cookies. And, with a 4.8-star rating from more than 10,200 Amazon buyers, it’s an obvious addition to your arsenal of the best baking tools.

15. Best Flour Sifter: Mrs. Anderson’s Hand Crank Flour Sifter

Mrs. Anderson's Hand Crank Flour Sifter
Credit: Amazon

There’s nothing worse than flour lumps in a baked good, or spending forever sifting it into your wet ingredients. Investing in a flour sifter is a great solution, and this hand crank pick allows you to quickly and easily sift your flour with limited messiness. The stainless steel design is durable and can be used for other dry ingredients, too. 

16. Best Cake Stand: Ateco Cast-Iron Cake Stand

Ateco Cast-Iron Cake Stand
Credit: Amazon

This cast-iron cake stand from Ateco is incredibly sturdy. It has a rotating turntable that comes with a non-slip pad to keep your cake in place, making it a must-have for frosting and decorating. The turntable and base are also separate for easy cleaning, and when you’re not using it, it still makes a beautiful piece to display in your kitchen.

17. Best Dutch Oven: Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven
Credit: Amazon

For all the bread bakers out there, Le Creuset Dutch ovens live up to their reputation. The pot is one of the best baking tools that I regularly use because the enamel is easy to clean and won’t crack or stain. It’s also one of my favorite vessels for cooking soups, stews, and sauces.

18. Best Muffin Pan: USA Pan Bakeware Muffin Pan

best baking tools
Credit: Amazon

Not all muffin pans are created equally, as proved by this 12-muffin steel pan made by USA Pan. The pan’s superior nonstick surface makes it easy to clean and cook with, and it comes highly recommended by Serious Eats, Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Food & Wine.

19. Best Pie Dish: Made In Pie Dish

Made In Pie Dish
Credit: Amazon

This pie dish is a beautiful piece of porcelain bakeware made in France (and is an Amazon small business!). It’s great for even, effective heat distribution, and I adore the sleek cream hue. I especially love that you can choose between a navy or red rim, depending on your kitchenware aesthetic. 

20. Best Mixing Bowls: Crate & Barrel Nesting Glass Mixing Bowls

best baking tools
Credit: Crate & Barrel

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of good mixing bowls. This glass nesting set is my go-to because they’re conveniently stackable. You’ll receive four bowls that are dishwasher-safe and can even be microwaved or put in the oven at up to 500 degrees.

21. Best Measuring Spoons: Crate & Barrel Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

best baking tools
Credit: Crate & Barrel

Just like Crate & Barrel’s measuring cups, these measuring spoons are made with sleek and durable stainless steel. This set is a staple in my kitchen, and they’re conveniently dishwasher-safe and connectable thanks to a removable ring. The set comes with four spoons (a quarter teaspoon, half teaspoon, teaspoon, and tablespoon), and is also available in a stylish copper.

22. Best Silicone Spatula: Chef Craft Silicone Spoon Spatula

best baking tools
Credit: Amazon

Chef Craft’s spoon and spatula combo is the best of both worlds: It’s not flat like a spatula, but not too round like a spoon. The handy shape means that It’s perfect for mixing, folding, and scraping ingredients, and it can even survive high temperatures of up to 450 degrees. Plus, you’re supporting a small business with your purchase!

HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt
Credit: Amazon

Keep your hands safe with these extremely popular silicone oven mitts from HOMWE. The textured silicone exterior of the mitts allows them to easily grip hot pans without accidentally holding on to food or absorbing liquids. And, when they eventually get dirty, they’re easily cleanable thanks to the machine-washable materials. 

24. Best Whisk: Crate & Barrel Stainless Steel Whisk

Crate & Barrel Stainless Steel Whisk
Credit: Crate & Barrel

A good whisk needs to be durable, and a great whisk needs to be indestructible. This whisk from my collection is excellent for mixing dressings, sauces, dry ingredients, and wet ingredients. You can choose between 8- and 12-inch options, but either one is safe to throw in the dishwasher for breezy cleaning.

25. Best Pastry Brush: Tezzorio Pastry Brushes

Tezzorio Pastry Brushes
Credit: Amazon

Whether you’re brushing on a glaze or an egg wash, these pastry brushes will help provide an even cover while resisting heat. The boar bristles are surprisingly durable and fluffy, and the handles are sturdy and ergonomic. As a bonus, the two-brush set also comes highly recommended by The Spruce Eats and Taste of the Kitchen, and it comes from a small business.

26. Best Measuring Pitcher: Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set

Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set
Credit: Amazon

Pyrex measuring cups are some of the best baking tools because they’re known for being durable and affordable. Although they may seem redundant if you already have measuring cups, they’ll save you dishes because they double as great mixing bowls and are conveniently microwave-safe, plus, they’re particularly great for measuring liquids. This handy set also has a 4.8-star rating from more than 56,000 shoppers on Amazon. This set comes in three sizes, 1-, 2-, and 4-cups.

27. Best Baking Dish: Staub 3-Piece Baking Dish Set

Staub 3-Piece Baking Dish Set
Credit: Amazon

Staub and Le Creuset often battle it out in the bakeware category, but you can’t beat the affordability and versatility of this Staub baking dish set. In addition to the standard 9×13-inch size, I love that you also receive two smaller sizes (7.5 x 6 inches and 10.5 x 7.5 inches) for casseroles, cakes, and brownies. Beyond the beautiful ceramic design and breezy nesting storage, you can’t beat the beautiful colorways available, ranging from turquoise to light green. 

28. Best Parchment Paper: Amazon Basics Parchment Paper 

Amazon Basics Parchment Paper
Credit: Amazon

As simple as it sounds, having quality, easily accessible parchment paper is a necessity when you’re baking. Parchment paper is nonstick, which means it’s super easy to slide things off once they’re cool. And with a 4.6-star rating, the Amazon Basics brand is a popular favorite (including mine!).

29. Best Measuring Cups: Crate & Barrel Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

Crate & Barrel Stainless Steel Measuring Cups
Credit: Crate & Barrel

A reliable pair of measuring cups is an absolute must-have in any kitchen. I adore this stainless steel set from Crate & Barrel because they’re super durable, dishwasher-safe, and come with a handy ring for easy storage. (Bonus: If stainless steel doesn’t quite match your kitchen decor, you can also opt for copper!) 

A slice of cheesecake being served.
Credit: The Recipe Critic

How To Store Baking Tools

Keeping your kitchen organized, let alone all of your baking supplies can be difficult. Setting aside a dedicated space for baking ingredients and tools can help you maintain a clean workspace, regardless of whether it’s an entire cabinet or just a corner of your counter. From there, you can maximize your space with stackable shelves, slide-out drawers, and lazy Susan turntables.

If you’re low on space, you can experiment with hanging some of your most beautiful bakeware on a peg board or vertically storing your cookware with an adjustable organizer. Nesting storage containers for flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients can help keep your counters clean. You can also repurpose old jars to hold and display smaller tools, like cookie cutters or piping tips.

Everyone’s perfectly organized kitchen will look different — at the end of the day, you just want your equipment and ingredients to be easily accessible and easy to put away.

How to Clean Baking Sheets 

It’s normal for a baking sheet to develop some buildup over time. When a regular wash isn’t doing the trick and you want to restore the baking sheet to its original state, you can try mixing baking soda and water, then gently rubbing it on your pan and letting it sit. From there, you can use a sponge or even a ball of aluminum foil to scrub it off.

A stack of cookies with sprinkles on the edges of them.
Credit: The Recipe Critic

Are Silicone Baking Mats Safe? 

Yes, silicone baking mats are made with food-grade silicone that is safe. You can use them in the freezer, oven, and microwave without worrying about any adverse effects on your food or health. They’re also safe to toss in your dishwasher after cooking.

How to Use a Piping Bag

You can use piping bags for a ton of different baked goods. Whether it be frosting cupcakes or creating perfectly uniform macarons, piping bags can come with a bit of a learning curve, but practice makes perfect. Before placing any mixtures into the plastic bag, you’ll want to cut off the tip of your piping bag and carefully nestle your piping tip inside the bag. From there, you’ll just fill it with your desired frosting or batter and get to work.

If it’s your first time using a piping bag, you can always practice on a flat, food-safe surface, like a paper plate or even some spare cookies before testing the waters.

A stack of iced oatmeal cookies.
Credit: The Recipe Critic

My Favorite Baking Recipes

With a new arsenal of the best baking tools and equipment, you’ll need some recipes to try out! Check out some of my favorites below.

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