This week’s stand-out astrology has some swagger. There’s a victory reflected in the heavens if we gather our courage and apply it intentionally. There is a triumphant signature in the skies that wants to be embodied down here on Earth.

Mars, our resident warrior, is currently in Capricorn. This is the sign of its exaltation, which — in the simplest terms — means this is a generally good time for us to make a valiant effort toward what will bring long-term satisfaction. On January 29th, this quality gets amplified when Mars in Capricorn forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus, a good omen that tells us this is the week to blaze a trail.

Mars knows how to go it alone, carve out a new path, and find its way to what it desires. In Capricorn, its heat is tempered with the cool-headedness of this sign’s endurance. Uranus is a planet of innovation and disruption — it only knows how to do its own thing. In Taurus, Uranus innovates how we interact with material resources (since its time here, we’ve seen all kinds of alternative currencies rise and crash and reemerge). When these two join forces in such a supportive way, it’s a green light to make quantum leaps. Because this is happening in earth signs, we are reminded that big shifts often occur due to a steady application of our effort, that consistency lays the foundation for our creativity, and that routine brings about a sense of freedom.

Since these two planets are so good at bucking the system, this setup also encourages us not to seek acceptance or accolades from those who would rather we fall in line, not to look for the reflection of our achievements in the fun-house mirrors of this world, but to use every tool available to help us reach our goals.

May we outsmart the gatekeepers with as much formidable form as we can muster. Exalted, Mars is stunning in its prowess and knows no other outcome but getting the job done.

The victories we desire deserve our determination.


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