When: October 14th, 2023, at 10:55 am PT

What: Solar eclipse in Libra

Takeaway: This eclipse will highlight our relationships and the interpersonal dynamics we’re ready to shed or shift. Letting go of connections that no longer serve us and transforming old styles of relating is what creates room for us to build bonds that honor our true desires, passions, and strengths, after all. But — as is always the case with eclipses — easy does it. Resting up, laying low, and allowing the cosmos to work its mysterious magic will be the best protocol for welcoming in healing catharsis and closure.

The beauty of letting go: Releasing outdated relationship patterns and renewing connections

The solar eclipse in Aries that occurred on April 19th ushered in a new series of eclipses — this time, reverberating across the Aries / Libra axis. Now it’s time for Libra to take its turn, with its first eclipse in this cycle happening on October 14th. Eclipses always arrive in pairs, and when these pairs shift, a fresh flavor of lessons, experiences, and surprises emerges.

Astrologically, you can think of eclipses as celestial wild cards. They speed up or slow down plotlines. They magnetize fresh possibilities to our doorsteps or spontaneously tie up the loose threads dangling in our lives. If there are issues you’ve been hesitant to deal with, eclipse season may just shuffle those cards to the front of your deck and dare you to play the hand you’ve been dealt.

While we’ll experience one last eclipse in Taurus on October 28th, which will officially close out the Taurus / Scorpio eclipse cycle that we’ve been in since November of 2021, the Aries / Libra axis will be front and center until 2025. That means we’ll be shadowboxing with the inner and outer obstacles that prevent us from claiming our desires, assertiveness, and courage outright (Aries), and/or healing our relationships and social justice issues (Libra) for the next couple of years.

In this new cycle, all of the Libra eclipses will occur near the South Node of the Moon — a point in space that represents shedding and release. During these periods, we’ll be called to let go of any limiting relational dynamics or outdated expectations around art, fashion, justice, and love. So around October 14th, prepare to excavate and expunge any interpersonal habits that have passed their best-by date, especially people-pleasing or other forms of codependency. From always surrendering to your partner’s movie choice to smiling through conversations that stifle your soul, you’ll be asked to pinpoint anywhere you’re too tied up with other people’s agendas and cut those ropes. Likewise, noticing where “playing nice” has contributed to collective power imbalances may inspire you to summon more bravery and firepower on behalf of meaningful causes. However this shows up for you, challenge yourself to be courageous.

An eclipse near the South Node is like a cosmic sink drain sucking away all the gunk that dims your connection to your assertiveness, power, and desire. Libra’s opposite sign and fiery partner in this eclipse cycle, Aries, offers a potent pep talk here. It reminds us that our interactions with others function better when we own our wants, needs, and preferences. And that when we conceal our truths behind practiced social personas, we, in turn, diminish the potential for real intimacy.

Playing in the shadows: How this solar event will also embolden your power

The eclipse on October 14th is also a solar eclipse, which means the Moon will slide between the Sun and the Earth, temporarily blotting out Sol’s light. It can be an eerie experience to have our central star hidden from view, and this unsettling phenomenon is often mirrored by disruptions to the center of our personal universes. Solar eclipses tend to correspond to events where established authorities get their crowns knocked off — including shake-ups for real-world leaders and moments when our own self-important egos are brought down a peg or two. There’s a spiritual lesson nested within these upsets, however: humility. When we’re forced to decenter the people, patterns, or perspectives that we’re habitually oriented toward, alternative solutions and unconventional wisdom emerge. Loosening our grips on what we think we know, particularly how we should relate with others, allows our systems to upgrade more peacefully.

Still, it can be taxing to both our bodies and our hearts to bid farewell to old loves or ways of being. This is why, traditionally, eclipses are times to lay low and be gentle with ourselves. Whatever rises to the surface on or around October 14th — be it emotional discomfort or tricky conversations with dear ones — avoid hasty judgments and decisions. This solar eclipse is a form of purification guiding us back to the clarifying pulse of our own power. The best way to revivify will be to slow down and tune in to what we need moment by moment.

11 ways to work with the solar eclipse in Libra

  1. Expect the unexpected. Schedule breathing room in your calendar as a buffer against unforeseeable events.
  2. Refrain from making big decisions or launching major initiatives from October 14th to October 28th (aka eclipse season). Eclipse energy is volatile, so it’s best to start projects after the turbulence has passed.
  3. Craft a list of the most important relationships in your life. Then journal about any repetitive interpersonal patterns you would like to shift. How would your life change if you let the unhelpful dynamics go?
  4. Donate old clothes, trinkets, or other objects that no longer bring you joy. This will open up space for new treasures to arrive.
  5. Clean and purify your living space. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, so beautifying your immediate environment can assist your metamorphosis. As you sweep, scrub, or bless your sanctuaries, release anything in your life that’s holding you back from reaching your potential.
  6. Rest abundantly. Limiting screen time, anointing yourself with essential oils, or meditating before bed can all help you unwind.
  7. Prioritize quality time with the people and activities that replenish your system. Say no to everything else for now.
  8. Make time to feel. Morning crying sessions, afternoon dates with your journal, and/or spontaneous dance parties can all help facilitate your emotions. 
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