Every year on February 1st, the Indian Coast Guard Day is celebrated. The Indian Coast Guard is a multi-mission organisation that carries out year-round practical maritime operations. It provides a broad range of task capabilities for both surface and air operations despite being very small.

The Director-General Indian Coast Guard (DGICG) is in charge of the organisation and he oversees everything from the Coast Guard Headquarters (CGHQ) in New Delhi. He is supported at CGHQ by four Deputy Director Generals of the Inspector General rank as well as other senior officers in charge of different staff divisions.

On February 1st, 1977, the Indian Coast Guard Day was established. The Indian Coast Guard is administered by the Defense Ministry. The officers and enlisted personnel of the Coast Guard are a committed and qualified team.

The Indian Coast Guard currently operates 5 air stations with 10 air enclaves and 42 coastal line stations across the country. The coastline of India spans a distance of 7516.60 kilometres and is one of the busiest routes in the world.

The Indian coastline includes nine states: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, and two union territories: Daman and Diu and Puducherry.

Get to know many important and interesting facts about our Indian Coast Guard Day 2023. Check the Maritime zones of India, the Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 history, the significance of celebrating the Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 and this year’s awardees in this article.

Key Points

On February 1st, 1977, the Indian Coast Guard was formally constituted.

The Ministry of Defense effectively oversees and manages the Indian Coast Guard.

ICG has grown from having just seven surface platforms in 1978 to having 156 ships and 62 aircraft.

It is anticipated that it would achieve its desired force levels of 200 surface platforms and 80 aircraft by 2025.

India’s coastline, which is one of the busiest routes in the world, spans over 7516.60 kilometres.

The Indian Coast Guard now manages eleven air enclaves among five air stations.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023: Latest Highlights

Latest Highlights on Indian Coast Guard Day 2023

The President has awarded President’s Tatrakshak Medal (PTM) and Tatrakshak Medal (TM) to the following Indian Coast Guard Personnel for their act of conspicuous gallantry, exceptional devotion to duty and distinguished/meritorious service on the occasion of the Republic Day 2023:

President’s Tatrakshak Medal (Distinguished Service)

IG Anand Prakash Badola, TM (0248-M)

Tatrakshak Medal (Gallantry)

ComdtDurgesh Chandra Tiwari (0645-P)

Rishi, P/Nvk(R), 12196-T

Mohit Kumar Yadav, U/Nvk (RP), 13830-M

Tatrakshak Medal (Meritorious Service)

DIG HimanshuNautiyal (0298-C)

Sant Lal, P/Adh(RO), 01566-P

These awards have been given to the personnel of Indian Coast Guard on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day every year, since January 26, 1990.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023: Latest Highlights

What Is The Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard is a multinational organisation that provides marine security while simultaneously catering to the needs of the nation. This job requires a number of challenging duties, such as organising volunteer efforts, leading search and rescue missions, and keeping watch along the border with the country. Indian Coast Guard Day is observed annually on February 1st to recognise and celebrate their ongoing efforts, bravery, and contributions.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 – History

Due to an emergency, the Indian Coast Guard was founded on 1 February 1977. At the time, seaborne smuggling posed a threat to the internal economy of the nation. The Indian Navy and Indian Air Force joined the Nagchaudhuri Committee, which was established to investigate the issue. The Indian navy had been engaged in anti-smuggling operations up until that point. The committee members came up with a solution to the problem of needing the patrol to keep an eye on what is going on along the coast.

They established an offshore fishing vessel registry to track down unlawful activity and a capable, well-equipped force to capture vessels taking part in it. The Indian Coast Guard was formally established on August 18th, 1978, and the Coast Guard Act, 1978 was passed by the Indian Parliament. The Indian Coast was established based on the principles of the Indian Navy to provide non-military marine services to the country.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023: Latest Highlights

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 – Significance

To protect the coasts and stop illegal activity, the Indian Coast Guard is important. The Coast Guard must meet rigorous standards for officer and EP recruiting beginning with the screening phase in order to guarantee that it has access to qualified personnel. Only the best candidates are accepted into the service thanks to the rigorous selection process.

The Coast Guard’s blue colour designates a ship performing official duties. The National flag is shown in the upper left quadrant and the Coast Guard symbol is located in the fly of the Coast Guard flag. On August 19, 1978, at the Indian Coast Guard’s inauguration ceremony in Bombay(now Mumbai), the Coast Guard flag was raised for the first time on the Indian Coast Guard Ship Kuthar.

A Coast Guard ship’s life is interesting, exciting, and difficult. For a “Coast Guardsman,” finding professional satisfaction is as simple as saving lives at sea, helping fishermen in need, apprehending poachers, and protecting marine biodiversity. 62 planes, 157+ boats, and almost 20,000 active people are involved in ongoing missions. Every day at sea holds potential, and each task is distinct in its own unique manner.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023: Latest Highlights

The Indian Coast Guard works in cooperation with the Indian Navy, Customs, and even State and General Police. The Indian Coast Guard’s slogan is “VAYAM RAKSHAMAH – We Protect”. They commit themselves to a number of missions each day. We should certainly be grateful for the efforts made by them to ensure the security of our nation and citizens.

Indian Coast Guard Day 2023 – Maritime Zones Of India

The Maritime Zones of India are split into five Coast Guard Regions for efficient command and control. Inspector General officers are in charge of the Coast Guard Regions. Check out the table below for a list of Indian Coast Guard Regions 2023 and their respective regional offices:

Indian Coast Guard Regions 2023 Regional Headquarters
North-West Gandhinagar
West Mumbai
East Chennai
North-East Kolkata
Andaman & Nicobar Port Blair

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