The UGC NET Economics Study Materials are crucial for passing the UGC NET Economics Exam. Candidates who plan to attend the UGC NET must take care of the sources of study they are looking for and must have a clear idea of the topics that are required to be covered. One needs to have a good understanding of both Paper 1 and Paper 2. For UGC NET Paper 2 preparation, one shouldn’t rely entirely on a single book. They must refer to different sources to get a vast and better idea.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Best Books for UGC NET Economics and tips to choose the right book.

Top 5 Economics Books for UGC NET Exam

How to Choose Economics Books for the UGC NET Exam Preparation

  1. Examine the detailed syllabus and select books that will assist you in thoroughly covering the subjects from each unit.
  2. Pick books that explain the theories and concepts through examples, images, graphs, and tables which will ease your study.
  3. Make sure the book’s wording is clear and understandable.
  4. Choose a few books that include example papers and prior years’ papers.
    Reading these books will make it easier to practice difficult questions and sample questions as well.
  5. Purchase one or two books that will cover the full curriculum and include a lot of answers to key topics.

Many books on the market can be used to prepare for the UGC NET Economics exam. However, selecting the top books can be difficult and time-consuming. To assist you in selecting the top UGC NET Economics books, we are guiding you with the top 5 books for economics as suggested by the experts in this field.

Top 5 Economics Books

Micro Economics by Anna Koutsoyiannis, H.L. Ahuja

Its English is so simple that any Hindi medium student can understand it.
How the topics were explained will encourage students to understand the details without the assistance of a teacher. The diagrams used are also very clear and useful.

H.L. Ahuja’s Micro Economics is another book on the same topic.
Every topic in this book has been explained in a detailed format.

Its explanation is very simple, and the writer has also used a mathematical approach to explain a specific topic which will make it more understandable.

International Trade by Bo Sodersten

Intra-industry trade, Foreign Trade Policy, Imperfect Competition, and the Political Economy of Protection and International Institutions are all covered in this book. The graphs used are easy to understand and clear, and they provide a good explanation of the topics covered.

Indian Economy by Mishra & Puri

Mishra and Puri’s book is excellent study material for mains exams such as IAS and state PSC. This book covers all current issues such as Direct Benefit Transfer, Farmer’s Suicide, India’s New Economic Policy, and so on.

Top 5 Economics Books for UGC NET Exam

Aspirants for the UGC/NET should read this book as well to understand the various aspects of our economy in India.

Statistics and Econometrics by B. L. Agarwal

Almost every topic in Statistics and Econometrics is covered in this book.
It has excellent exercises before each chapter begins so that students can solve the problems themselves without any further assistance.

This book’s main topics include Central Tendency, Probability, Normal Distribution, Regression, Correlation, and Index Number.

Public Finance by S.K. Singh

This book is written in simple English. Every aspirant prefers to study this book to learn about the scenario of India like India’s five plans, economic planning, and the problems and properties of developed and developing countries.


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