Polarity: Diurnal
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Traditional ruler: Venus
Keywords: Accommodating and justice-oriented
Symbol: ♎ (The scales)

As the sign of cardinal air, Libra is the social strategist of the zodiac: part love witch, part lawyer. Ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony, Libra possesses a sixth sense for knowing what must be added or subtracted to restore equilibrium — whether that’s a swapped-out throw pillow or a well-timed consoling word.

Libra has built up a reputation as an avowed people-pleaser, style icon, and flirt, but this sign has a steelier side that isn’t immediately evident from its much-liked social media posts. Libra’s symbolic scales clue us in to its alter ego, for this is a sign that’s exquisitely attuned to fairness. Inequality distresses Libra. And like common personifications of Justice, often depicted with a sword and a set of scales, Libra doesn’t hesitate to sever connections or make sharp judgments when necessary — but it always does so with grace.

In other words: This sign isn’t just tactful; it’s also a tactician, especially when faced with injustice. If there’s a wrong that Libra wants to right, it does so with considerable savvy. Whether dissecting a contract or expertly winning a dinner-party debate, the peacemaker of the zodiac can champion a cause so deftly that everyone ends up feeling like a winner.

While Libra is not afraid to wield the blade of its intellect when confronted with inequities, more minor, everyday decisions can be daunting. This sign might choose to go with the flow for the sake of avoiding social awkwardness. But being assertive is the prerequisite for getting one’s needs met.

Libras have a special gift for understanding and accepting other people’s points of view, which makes them skillful mediators and advocates. But what this sign needs to work on is being a self-advocate. Claiming their desires and fighting for them outright is good medicine for this sign.

If you have key planets or points in Libra, negotiation, peacemaking, activism, or expressing your stellar sense of style is at least one part of the work you’re here to do. Your intuitive grasp of harmony — how to create it, maintain it, and celebrate it — makes the world a more balanced and beautiful place.

Note: Each sign has its own signature style, and every planet or point has to function through the filter of the sign it’s in. The manner in which this happens depends on all the planets, points, and signs involved. To find out which placements you have in Libra, download the CHANI app or use our chart tool.

What does it mean to have one of your “big three” in Libra?

Sun in Libra

The Sun passes through Libra from around September 22nd to October 23rd every year, though the exact dates will vary. In this cardinal air sign, Sol functions as a peacemaker, a lovable artist, and an activist. If Libra is your Sun sign, you will shine brightest by being fair, measured, and willing to meet others halfway. However, the Sun is also in its fall in Libra, which means it struggles to radiate its own light. Your instinctive attunement to other people’s needs makes you a relatable and soothing ally, but learning to advocate for your own desires is critical for your growth. By asserting yourself, you can manifest your gifts and claim your rightful place as the dazzling center of your own universe.

Moon in Libra

With your Moon in Libra, you self-soothe by creating balance. Whether you do so by harmonizing colors, sounds, textures, or partnerships, peaceful ambiances and interactions are essential for your emotional wellbeing. You are adept at establishing connections, helping other people feel witnessed, and gracefully supporting those around you. However, you might also be prone to people-pleasing behaviors or heightened anxiety when facing conflict. It’s possible that your early caregivers shied away from confrontation or were overly concerned with presenting a likable facade. Centering your own needs is the key to cultivating a sense of inner stability that isn’t ruffled by others’ shifting expectations or reactions.

Ascendant (aka rising sign) in Libra

If your ascendant is in Libra, you’re motivated to initiate relationships. You possess an uncanny ability to connect with almost anybody. Even if you’re introverted, your nature leans toward being sociable, pleasant to be around, and accepting of others’ ups and downs. Injustice noticeably rankles you, and you have a drive to seek out compromise and correct inequality. But you might also struggle to assert yourself, pick a side, or risk displeasing people. Daring to honor your own authentic viewpoint is the key to unlocking your most fulfilling relationships. Having a Libra ascendant makes Venus your ruling planet, which means beauty, harmony, and art are the glimmering North Stars that guide you.

What it means to have other planets and points in Libra

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra has a gift for grasping divergent perspectives and mapping out an intellectual middle ground. If you have this placement, you will be a refined negotiator, a peaceable mediator, and probably a levelheaded confidant. However, the ability to understand every side has its limitations. If you find yourself unable to form your own opinion or pick an entree, that’s your cue to interrogate what you really think. Just because you can relate to everyone else’s point of view doesn’t mean your own is any less important.

Venus in Libra

Venus is at home in Libra — and the heart of that home is an elegant boudoir adorned with impeccable light fixtures and the most tasteful floral bouquets. If you have this placement, relationships, art, beauty, love, connection, creativity, and intimacy are the centers of your world. You are a social butterfly with an incredible wingspan, capable of making almost anyone feel witnessed and included. Just be wary of letting pleasure guide your course too heavily. Taking the easy way out can seem as irresistible to you as you are to the world, but coming up against friction now and then sharpens your powers of allure.

Mars in Libra

Mars is in its detriment in Libra, meaning it’s in a sign contrary to its natural tendencies. The warrior planet’s motto might be: “Act first, think later.” But in thoughtful Libra, Mars’ adrenaline rushes get tempered by indecision. Here, the planet of action is easily trapped by second- and third-guessing itself, so it often misses prime opportunities to advance its own agenda. If you have this placement, amplifying your desires and boldly pursuing them are the risks you must learn to take. That said, you also excel at slowing down overly impulsive decision-making processes and advocating for everyone to get a fair shake at winning gold.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra has an appetite for connection and an instinct for loveliness. In this placement, Jupiter hungers to elevate its surroundings by facilitating relationships, building bridges, and weaving elegance into otherwise humdrum experiences. If you have Jupiter in Libra, you also possess the gifts of mediating, negotiating, and communicating on behalf of social justice causes. You exude a peaceable, healing energy that can ease both minor tiffs and greater tensions. The more you focus on creating fair and equitable conditions for all, the more your luck expands. Advocating for yourself and others is your surest pathway to abundance.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn is exalted in Libra, meaning it’s operating at the peak of its powers. Saturn is geared toward discipline, hard work, and the cultivation of boundaries. These qualities tend not to make Saturn a fan favorite, but in crowd-pleasing Libra, its harsh touch is softened, though it doesn’t lose its potency. If you have this placement, you will be known for being a kind and fair authority figure, capable of reaching just conclusions without sacrificing human connection. You won’t simply demand respect; you’ll wholeheartedly receive it — and be worthy of it.

Chiron in Libra

With Chiron in Libra, you learn your greatest lessons from your relationship with your own certainty. In the past, you may have been burned by your indecision and missed out on opportunities due to waffling back and forth. Or perhaps you’ve sacrificed your desires at the altar of people-pleasing. Learning how to strive for fairness without downplaying your own needs is key to your growth and development. Your ability to comprehend every side of a conflict makes you a wise guide for those who are struggling to settle negotiations, advocate for themselves, and/or cultivate healthy boundaries.

Uranus in Libra

If you have Uranus in Libra, you’re a rabble-rouser on behalf of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Uranus loves to make waves, and in Libra, it’s interested in innovating systems related to partnership, diplomacy, and creativity. With the planetary rebel in this sign, you might be drawn to explore unconventional relationships or push the boundaries of your personal style or artistic expression. Social justice may also be especially important to you, and stirring things up might be your way of giving peace a chance.

Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Libra comes equipped with extra powers of enchantment. If you have this placement, you emanate an aura of mystery. Your ability to dazzle through adornment and glamor is magnified. But when the planetary dreamer lands in this Venus-ruled sign, it also becomes susceptible to falling under the same spells it casts on others. Beware of losing track of reality when submerging yourself in the bottomless charms of music, art, or other people. Grappling with life’s grittier realities will keep you grounded.

Pluto in Libra

Pluto was in Libra from the years 1971 to 1983, a period when the topics of gender equality, restructuring partnerships, and diplomacy were under debate. If you have this placement, you have a profound sense of justice, fairness, and aesthetics. What’s more, you have likely undergone a transformative journey that has redefined the way you create balanced relationships with other people.

North Node in Libra

With the North Node in Libra, you’re hungry for harmony. Building social connections, crafting compromises, and keeping your nervous system in a relaxed state of equilibrium are of paramount importance.

South Node in Libra

With the South Node in Libra, you’re dropping codependent and people-pleasing behaviors. You’re more concerned with rallying your fighting spirit, strengthening your self-advocacy skills, and broadcasting your bold point of view to the world.

MC in Libra

If your MC (or midheaven) is in Libra, you create justice, interpersonal harmony, and aesthetic loveliness through your career, vocation, or public roles. You’re a fair leader, and you thrive in conditions that require social graces, shrewd strategy, or an intuitive understanding of style. Projects that integrate your sharp powers of analysis and creative spirit help you shine the brightest.

IC in Libra

With your IC (or imum coeli) in Libra, your home or family life has been a social one. Your caregivers may have designated your home “dinner-party central” when you were a child, and as an adult, you may still enjoy making your living room the hub of your circle. Alternatively, growing up in an aesthetically displeasing environment may have whetted your cravings for charming ambiance and conviviality. Throughout your life, it will be important for you to integrate your domestic flair and your relationships with others, and to recharge yourself in living spaces that feel elegant and artful.

DC in Libra

Having your DC (or descendant) in Libra means you gravitate toward your opposite types: peacemakers, mediators, and even-keeled counselors. You’re fascinated by folks who balance your hotter emotions and temper tantrums with a touch of intellect and discernment. They remind you that love is not a battlefield but a collaborative work of art. Something about their reasoned thinking both enthralls and relieves you. They witness your fire and help you cool down the flames while providing just enough air to keep you glowing.

Affirmation for Libra

I can’t wholeheartedly please anyone but myself, so I start there.


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