March 10th brings us a New Moon in Pisces. This is a lunation that calls for uninhibited and pragmatic dreaming. If that sounds impossible, all we need to do is spend some time in the natural world. Nature is both wild and grounded. It perseveres and experiments without fear of failure. It grows however and wherever it can. It plods along. Despite capitalism’s absolute disregard and degradation of it, nature does all it can to bloom and become. It does not get its feelings hurt, get discouraged, take things personally, or require a self-esteem boost to do its job. It doesn’t feel self-pity when it’s forced out of its comfort zone, need things to be perfect before it begins, or get overwhelmed by thinking about how far it has to go. It doesn’t depend on feeling safe, or accepted, or loved to exist. Nature never asks for permission — it relentlessly unfurls.

I want us to do the same.

This New Moon occurs in dreamy Pisces, between hard-working Saturn and delightfully delusional Neptune. But it will also get help from (make a sextile to) growth-enhancing Jupiter, and (more closely) wild and unruly Uranus.

All of this to say, we’d be missing out if we didn’t use this moment to take seriously our wildest dreams.

Just a few hours before the New Moon, on March 9th, Mars makes a disruptive square to Uranus. This is shock-wave astrology that brings about a wake-up call. I hope that it reminds us that nothing in life can be taken for granted, let alone assumed — but I also hope that it isn’t too harsh on us. There are excessive amounts of brutality the world over and I pray that we can learn these life lessons in other ways.

Following the New Moon, on March 11th, Venus slips into Pisces’ warm waters, offering us three-and-a-half weeks of its charms. This transit is an amulet of sorts that comforts the weary and centers compassion in exchanges — that is, if we choose to embody its principles. It’s also an invitation to supreme pleasure-seeking soaked in sweetness — a true deluge of delights. I hope and pray that we can learn through these softer ways as well.

But/and/also, a friendly reminder: As of March 19th, we’ll be hurled into eclipse season. The first eclipse occurs on March 25th and the second on April 8th, but we can consider all of Sol’s time in Aries (March 19th – April 19th) as eclipse season since that’s where it will be during the two events. Eclipse season is generally a period when something that exists in the shadows is revealed. It’s a time of literal or metaphoric power surges and energetic instability, and it usually mirrors a turning point in world and/or personal events. Eclipses always arrive in pairs, which occur every six months, meaning the last eclipse season was in October of 2023. This next round will be commenting on what occurred then. May it bring swift and enduring justice, real change, and a dismantling of all that is systematically violent.

This week’s New Moon is therefore the last lunation before the game-changing eclipses to come. I encourage us to use this moment to ground, rest when possible, and remember the agency and power we do have — and how to use it.

As an offering to this New Moon in Pisces, I wanted to give you the following affirmations to work with. They’re a throwback to the longer ones I used to write for you every New Moon. Please read for your rising, Sun, and Moon signs, and if you feel so inclined, you can put them all together to see what the throughline is.

As always, take what you like and leave the rest.


I take all rest stops up on their offer. I let myself unwind. I know that growth is impossible if I don’t prioritize digesting, incorporating, and integrating all that I’ve learned. I know that this moment of recalibration will not last, so I will relish it, welcome it, and rejoice in it. I know that it’s sometimes hard to stop, that I can convince myself to keep running on empty and burning all ends of my candle, but that does not benefit me long term. At the close of the day, I want my actions to add up to a life that makes me feel well-loved.


I recognize collective daydreaming as a powerful tool for world-remaking. I gather with those who stir my imagination, awaken my creativity, and send my hopes into high gear. I love myself enough to say “no thank you” to any and all invitations that drain me. I scan the crowd for those who are ready to radically claim their agency and their dreams with me.


What the world does with my offerings is not up to me. It’s none of my business how liked, accepted, or applauded my contributions will be. My only concern is that I be true to my talents, that I answer what calls me, and that I never betray the veracity that is mine to convey. My deepest desire is that when I leave this life, I’ll know that I have left the best of me behind. If I can achieve that, I will have succeeded at creating an otherworldly amount of success.


With this New Moon, I center what will bring me long-term satisfaction. The goals I have aren’t a list of accomplishments, but rather a way in which I want to feel. I know that it’s not reasonable to expect inspiration every day, but it is more likely that my muses will find me when I practice making contact with them. Committing to a path or a routine doesn’t mean I have to do it forever; it just means I have faith that it will get me to whatever the next leg of my journey will be.


I save space for collaborators who know how to build bridges, weave new patterns, and sing the praises of all that comes to their aid. I want to join forces with those who center what is possible when everyone knows they are responsible for the energy they bring into the room. Healing, growth, and joy are all the more likely when I surround myself with folks who center their own.


I commit to those who center reciprocity. I know that I can work circles around most, but my deepest desire is to be able to relax into partnerships of equal ebb and flow. I commit to the exchanges in my life that effectively hold space for everyone’s humanity, needs, and natural talents. Receiving the support my beloveds offer me is a powerful way to serve my relationships.


What I routinely do shapes my life in one direction or another. Like waves crashing against rock, eventually, my daily efforts sculpt my world. I take a moment to see if the lines, curves, and concaves of my actions leave me feeling inspired, or if there are new rhythms that I need to roll out, other rituals to experiment with, or more time to reclaim from my calendar.


There is no greater pleasure than enjoying the time that I’ve got. It’s not always easy, it’s not always simple, but I commit to being mindful of the pockets of presence that I can find. I dedicate this week to being radically aware of what delights me. I corral the kittens of my worried mind so that I can focus on the beauty of every creative act I take part in. And I am grateful for each moment I am able to do so.


I owe it to myself to build my life on a foundation of self-care. I say no to what demoralizes me and yes to what encourages my growth. I welcome all joy, friendship, and sweetness that shows up on my doorstep. I refuse empty promises that come knocking. I return-to-sender anything that is deprived of goodwill. Anyone who is self-serving will be met with a “do not disturb” sign. I know that the only way to cultivate what I want more of is to nourish, water, and prioritize it.


I make lounging a ritual. Naps, meditations, and moments spent in silence connect me to everything in my life that’s magical. I am an entirely different person when I’m well-fed, rested, and exercised. I am so much more ready, willing, and able to be of service to this world when I have taken a beat to remember who I am and what my needs are. I am so much more effective when I say no to what burns me out, overwhelms my system, or poisons my waters. With this New Moon, I center these truths and commit to the simplest and most efficient ways of reworking my days.


I renew my commitment to all that helps me bring my gifts into the world. I break ties with all that tries to convince me to stay small, quiet, or comfortable. I don’t want safety if it comes at the cost of truly living. I don’t want to be complacent when I could be creating. I don’t want to take for granted the talents I’ve been given, so I double down on my allegiance to all that I can praise, be grateful for, and share.


I am allowed to begin again. I am allowed to make a new choice. I am allowed to give myself the space I need, the breathing room required, and the option to say, “Can I get back to you on that?” I am allowed to not know, to try something on for size, and to experiment. The only thing that I am no longer allowed to do is sacrifice myself for anything or anyone.

Many New Moon blessings,

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