Key dates for love

Wondering what 2024 has in store for love? We’ve compiled all of the year’s key moments for connection, beauty, and pleasure. The following dates were selected with auspicious Venus moments in mind (Venus is the planet of love, after all), as well as transits you should plan around or be aware of. XO.

January 28th at 5:02 pm PT: Venus trines Jupiter 

Good spirits overfloweth. Organize outings with your dear ones, get playful with your attire, and soak up the good life.

March 11th at 2:50 pm PT – April 4th at 9:00 pm PT: Venus is exalted in Pisces

This time period wants us to bust out the twinkly lights, swoon as an extreme sport, and enjoy the reciprocal blessings of spreading this honey around. Lovers rock.

March 24th at 9:37 am PT: Venus sextiles Jupiter 

Plan festive outings with your nearest and dearest and be open to learning something new.

April 3rd at 6:10 am PT: Venus conjoins Neptune

It doesn’t get much dreamier than this. Plunge into your fantasies, but remember to come up for air. 

April 17th at 11:45 am PT: Venus conjoins the North Node 

Recreate yourself through the regenerative practice of pleasure. Whether that includes breakfast in bed or an at-home spa day, this is a time for treating yourself.

April 19th at 1:59 am PT: Mercury Rx conjoins Venus 

Reach out to the people who have been on your mind. It’s never too late to send a thank-you note or schedule an overdue catch-up.

April 29th at 4:31 am PT – May 23rd at 1:30 pm PT: Venus at home in Taurus

The planet of love just got more comfortable, and so can you. Touch all the cashmere. Pick yourself flowers. Take a long lunch.

May 7th at 8:22 pm PT: New Moon in Taurus 

Setting goals is a bit like gardening. Much of the progress happens imperceptibly and on its own timeline. This New Moon, refuse to rush.

May 23rd at 1:29 am PT and 3:50 am PT: Venus conjoins Jupiter then sextiles Neptune

This is one of the juiciest, lushest, most lavish moments of the year. Love opulently, indulge every sense, and cast your spells.

June 4th at 8:32 am PT: The Sun conjoins Venus (cazimi) 

We’ve got extra honey and heaps of magnetism on our side. Permission to shine at full wattage.

June 17th at 5:43 am PT: Mercury conjoins Venus  

Vulnerability is cute and “hard to get” is a power game you’re too cool to play. Text back first. Write a love poem to yourself. Listen to your favorite ironic love song on repeat.

June 28th at 9:49 pm PT: Venus sextiles Mars 

The flavor of the day is half sugar, half spice. Accessorize pleather with lace. Romp with your besties. Life is short. Play.

July 2nd at 6:41 pm PT: Venus trines Saturn Rx  

The school of love and pleasure is officially in session. Take stock of what you’ve learned about pursuits of the heart, or showing yourself a good time. Integrate the healing wisdom.

July 5th at 3:57 pm PT: New Moon in Cancer

This is one of the sweetest New Moons of the year. Set intentions for the reality you most want to conjure, then amp up your dedication to self-care.

July 11th at 7:32 am PT: Venus trines Neptune Rx

Romance yourself and/or others today. Write a love ballad. Don a honey face mask. Prepare a candlelit dinner for one.

July 21st at 1:43 pm PT: Venus sextiles Jupiter 

Pleasurable living is a skill. Keep tackling the hard stuff, but prioritize fun and indulgence too.

August 7th at 8:12 pm PT: Mercury Rx conjoins Venus

Valentine’s Day in August? Why not? Bust out the heart stickers and tell someone they’re cute.

August 18th at 10:53 pm PT: Venus squares Jupiter

If the devil is in the details, then so is the angel food cake. Indulge thyself.

August 29th at 6:23 am PT – September 22nd at 7:36 pm PT: Venus at home in Libra

The pleasure planet returns to a room of its own. Charm, fairness, and random acts of beautifying rule the day.

August 29th at 7:32 am PT: Venus trines Pluto

Dabble with the connections and pleasure rituals that honor your depth. Accept nothing less.

September 3rd at 4:58 pm PT: Venus conjoins the South Node

Release the ghosts of relationships past to magnetize the goals of relationships future. If you wander down memory lane, chart a shortcut back to the present.

September 14th at 10:34 pm PT: Venus trines Jupiter 

Astrologically speaking, this is one of the most romantic days of the year. Play hooky! Make art! Elope! (Just kidding. But we wouldn’t blame you if you did.)

October 4th at 10:04 am PT: Venus trines Saturn Rx 

Whether you’re agreeing to a standing brunch date with your BFF, screen-free dinners with your beloved, or a new paint color in your kitchen, it’s a favorable time to commit. Take the plunge.

October 8th at 3:22 am PT: Venus trines Mars

Bring your own sass today. A little well-timed brazenness never hurt anyone. 

October 15th at 5:49 pm PT: Venus trines Neptune Rx

Today is less about doing and more about dreaming. Permission to set your out-of-office reply, then set sail. 

November 3rd at 7:25 am PT: Venus opposes Jupiter Rx 

The impulse to savor and splurge is strong today. Do indulge, but also observe when and why you want to.

November 16th at 3:03 am PT: Venus squares the lunar nodes 

Our relationship to trust, intimacy, and connection is undergoing a powerful reset. Welcome this opportunity for growth.

December 19th at 6:11 pm PT: Venus trines Jupiter Rx 

Today favors love, pleasure, and generosity of the highest order. Risk everything for joy.


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