When: November 17th, 2023, at 9:42 pm PT

What: Mars cazimi (aka conjunction with the Sun) 

Takeaway: Mars joins the Sun once every two years, marking a potent rebirth moment on our path to whatever we’re striving for. This cazimi clarifies our life’s mission, cranks up our courage, and reinforces the stamina we need to see this journey through. Strike while the iron is hot. 

What’s a Mars cazimi?

A Mars cazimi is an exact conjunction between the Sun and Mars, the planet of drive, courage, and agency. As the cosmos’ rabble rouser slips into the golden temple of the Sun, its vitality is replenished and clarified. Whatever is muddying the force of your convictions, the Sun’s rays burn through it. That includes any outdated defense mechanisms. The chip on the shoulder that’s serving no purpose. The tiring battles that are merely distractions. Purified in the Sun’s cosmic kiln, the mission that is really meant for us will emerge. 

Unlike Venus cazimis (which happen every nine months or so) and Mercury cazimis (which occur six to seven times per year), Mars cazimis take place every two years. When planets join the Sun, they restart a new cycle. You can think of this cazimi as a fresh call to adventure. An opportunity to start again. Your righteous reset button.

Cazimis are always auspicious moments for the planet involved, but this Mars cazimi has extra oomph. That is because Mars’ huddle with the Sun happens while our warrior is in its home sign of Scorpio. In astrology, there are certain signs that the planets feel more comfortable in. It’s as if they’re on home turf, with all their resources at hand. Mars has special dignity in Scorpio. While here, its strategy will be more of a slow burn than a flurry of fireworks. Think cloak and dagger precision over brute force.

Scorpio is just fine waiting for the right moment to strike, when maximum impact can be achieved. In a way, we will all be discovering our tactical streaks and inner martial artists. We will be learning to control and contain our power, as patience becomes a virtue — and the ace up our sleeves. 

What makes this cazimi so supportive

On November 17th, when Mars is issued a VIP pass into the Sun’s dressing room, a couple of supportive aspects will occur. A trine to Neptune hints at the imaginative — and even transcendent — potential of this new quest, allowing Mars to advocate for an ideal bigger than itself. The coming years will bring a royal flush to your visionary powers. And the tenacity to actually build these castles in the sky. Consider your imagination elevated and your compassion doubled.

This cazimi is also aided by Pluto in Capricorn, helping us to draw on a reservoir of profound inner resources. We will have the courage to flow with, rather than resist, cycles of regeneration. Though Pluto’s long journey through the bedrock of Capricorn revealed the shadow side of cultures of supremacy, it’s time to rebuild from the rubble of the systems that failed us. To forge ahead with reforms that will uplift the collective — and the Earth too. To refuse any bottom line that benefits only a select few. 

Both of these transits are helpful to the Mars cazimi mission. On a personal level, this is a particularly potent cazimi to work with, as Mars can flex its full potential in Scorpio. Depending on where the cazimi falls in your chart, you’ll receive a serious power-up in the themes related to that life area. If there’s a project you’re pondering that requires extra stamina and laser-focus, use the Mars cazimi to move boldly ahead.

Not sure where this cazimi will show up for you? Check your Current Sky horoscope for the Sun in Scorpio (the Mars cazimi will renew this same area). 

Lessons from the last Mars cazimi in Scorpio

To get a sense of what we might expect from the coming Mars cazimi in Scorpio, it helps to reflect on the last one, which occurred on November 8th, 1991. That’s how rare they are — Mars cazimis in this sign only happen every 32 or 15 years (the pattern alternates).

Just two days before the last Mars cazimi in Scorpio, on November 6th, 1991, the Soviet Union’s KGB ceased all operations. For decades, this shadowy security agency had suppressed dissent, served as an arm of the state police, committed espionage, and upheld the totalitarian regime. The KGB would totally dissolve the following month, demonstrating the power of a Mars cazimi to hit the reset button — even on an institutional level.

The cazimi ushered in another symbolic end to a period of global conflict. The last of the oil fires in Kuwait, set alight by retreating Iraqi troops, were extinguished just days before Mars’ cazimi on November 8th. Though the Gulf War — an armed conflict between Iraq and a 42-country coalition led by the United States — officially ended in February of 1991, the Iraqi “scorched earth policy” dragged on for months. As far as this military tactic goes, it’s hard not to think of the Scorpion wounding itself as it deals its defensive sting.

Aside from martial matters, Mars also rules over athletics. November 1991 saw the debut of the first-ever women’s FIFA World Cup, taking place in Guangdong, China. It took 61 years for FIFA to establish a female version of the tournament, even though women have been playing the sport since its inception. The Mars cazimi ushered in a much-needed reform in outdated gendered norms relating to sports. In fact, a woman would go on to hold the record for the most goals scored in World Cup history. Striker Marta Vieira da Silva, from Brazil, has scored 17 goals across five tournaments — a dazzling feat of athleticism. 

Prepare for a fiery rebirth

The cazimi on November 17th is not only the beginning of a new Mars journey, but it also brings revelations. Thunderclaps of epiphany and deep inner stirrings define what’s ready for renewal in relation to our agency, autonomy, self-assertion, and power. Remember that the cosmos speaks its truth in many tongues. Keep your spidey senses primed around this date for synchronicities, profound dreams, and intel in passing conversations. Get curious and tune in.

The Mars cazimi on November 17th isn’t only a time for reflection. Representing such a vital renewal of our will, it’s also an opportunity to clarify everything you’re ready to fight for. A time to recommit to your potential. To relish in everything that makes you feel vital. 

12 ways to make Mars cazimi magic 

Mars is the planet of self-assertion, courage, will, and conviction. The following rituals will help you to hone Mars’ fire, call on your courage, and reclaim your power.

  1. Carve Mars’ symbol into a red candle and light it anytime you need to fuel your inner fire.
  2. Work with Mars’ heat by attending a hot yoga class, lingering in your gym’s sauna, or meditating in front of a candle’s flame.
  3. Make altar offerings to Mars so you can channel its courage. Chili peppers, figures of scorpions, your favorite Swiss army knife, red cloth, matchboxes, and even a pair of scissors will all do in a pinch. 
  4. Write your goals on post-it notes (bonus points for red ink) and trail them around your bathroom mirror, your desk, your car dashboard, or anywhere you’ll see them frequently. You can even change your phone backdrop to something that inspires your inner warrior. 
  5. Be bold. This cazimi will bless your courage, so dare to make the first move, set a boundary, or initiate a difficult conversation. 
  6. Wear scents, clothes, jewelry, and colors that make you feel empowered. Doing so will help channel this Mars energy toward a boost in self-confidence.
  7. Remind yourself and your friends that you can do difficult things. Set up a group chat to support your besties in their Mars journeys. Archive your most morale-boosting memes. 
  8. Experiment with activities that trigger a nervous system response in a safe and controlled way. Practices such as cold water plunges, acupuncture, and eating spicy food will teach your body to tolerate stress.
  9. Stay alert for synchronicities, messages, and downloads that highlight what you’re retrieving or remembering around your will and determination.
  10. Check out your Transits in the CHANI app to learn whether this Mars cazimi will impact one of your natal placements directly. You can also re-read your Current Sky horoscope for the Sun in Scorpio to remind yourself which corner of life Scorpio represents. This cazimi will bring a reset to the same area.
  11. Re-read the description of your natal Mars placement under the Me tab of the CHANI app and listen to Your Reading for the week of November 13th.
  12. Check the CHANI app from noon PT on November 13th for a ritual, altar suggestions, and journal prompts designed to help you make the most of this cazimi.

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