Many people want to speak in English confidently. Since, English is a universal language getting fluency in it will create a major impact in many of your life phases like interviews, admissions, and so on. We often hesitate because we are afraid of making mistakes in front of others. Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable. it happens and it’s common. However, just like any other skill, you can improve your spoken English by practicing regularly and using these simple techniques.

Here are 8 Top Tips for Improving your English Speaking Skills,

Speak Up

Be self-assured and speak to as many people as possible!
Make no apologies for making mistakes! The more you practice, the better and more confident your pronunciation and vocabulary will be. To improve your English, you must put yourself in situations where you are forced to speak in English. Take advantage of the situation by conversing with those around you. It could be at your workplace or a coffee shop – it doesn’t matter where as long as you can communicate.

Watch English Films

Watching Netflix series will help you to understand the language better, get used to colloquial, conversational forms of English, and implicitly get a feel for it. You could also try to identify words that sound very informal and look up their more scholarly counterparts. In addition, there is a plethora of documentaries available online too. try to watch short films and films which are in the English language.

Have English conversations

As beneficial as listening and reading tasks are, you must also interact with English and practice your speaking skills. You can approach native speakers who can assist you, but if not, try to meet up with someone else who is eager to improve your English as you are. it can be your friends, cousins, or family.

Another option is to talk to or record yourself in the mirror. Listening to the sound of your voice may feel awkward at first, but you will be able to hear mistakes that you were previously unaware of.


Now that you’ve heard a lot of English conversations, it’s time to practice imitating them. Imitating or copying someone is an excellent way to improve your public speaking skills. Another advantage of imitation is that it allows you to improve your English without having to learn grammar rules.

Simple Tips to Improve your Spoken English

You will begin to remember chunks of words and phrases after a lot of practice. This aids in remembering word patterns in a sentence as well as how certain words relate to others.

Practice More

Try coming up with a word of the day and then using it as much as possible. Don’t waste time on extremely specific words you’ll never use if you do this. Instead, concentrate on conversational English, which is likely to come up in the exam. Remember that speaking is a skill, just like learning a musical instrument or a new sport; the only way to improve is to practice!

Make a Reading Habit

Another important skill to have when learning a language is the ability to read. Whether you prefer a novel or an article, reading for a few minutes each day will help you learn new words. The most common reason people avoid reading is that it takes a long time to read a book from beginning to end. Reading, even for a few minutes, is extremely beneficial when learning English. Short English articles or notes are ideal for this. They are easy to find and take only a few minutes to read.

Keep a Vocabulary Book

How do you expand your vocabulary and remember new words?
You can accomplish this by keeping a record of any new words you encounter and entering them into a vocabulary book. Make a note of the word, its meaning, and how it is used in a sentence. If you read this book frequently, you will find yourself using those words while speaking.

Look for new words to help you express yourself. Use a few of those words every day and watch your vocabulary grow. Many words we use daily have unclear meanings. It will be beneficial to look up some of these words in the dictionary and record them in the vocabulary book.

Prepare Well

Many of us are hesitant to participate in English-language conversations because we are unsure of what to say. We worry that what we say might not be suitable or that we might err. By being prepared, we can quickly solve this issue. Make a short list of suitable sentences for the situation.

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