Data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative techniques are used in business analytics (BA), a collection of disciplines and technology. It entails a rigorous, iterative examination of the data within an organisation with a focus on statistical analysis to inform decision-making.

To build future business strategies and plans, business analytics as a process combines data analytics and business intelligence on a given collection of data. It is taught as a Master of Business Management specialisation (MBA). In order to gather insight for the planning and implementation of future corporate strategies and goals, this branch of management includes the examination and analysis of current data.

Business Analytics Courses available in IIMs

Descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics are the four categories of business analytics.These aid in operational optimization, revenue growth through cost-saving measures, better customer connections, and market trend prediction, which enables informed strategic choices and corporate planning. The MBA in Business Analytics provides instruction and expertise to help students acquire the abilities to create future business plans and strategies based on precise analysis of the data at hand.

Following are the list of IIMs that provide business analytics course:


A perfect fusion of Data Science & Management skills is provided by the Integrated Program in Business Analytics in partnership with Jigsaw (A UNext Company) to help aspirants succeed in their careers and become Future Leaders. The online programme helps aspiring managers and business leaders understand the fundamentals of business analytics. It is curated and taught by elite SMEs from IIM Indore & Jigsaw (A UNext Company).

The course makes sure that participants have the opportunity to employ Analytics and Big Data approaches in their projects, including Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, so they can quickly address real-world business issues and offer practical answers in their jobs.

Duration: 10 months
Fees structure: Rs.3,05,836
Mode: Online live classes


The certificate programme in business analytics and intelligence will give participants analytical tools and prepare them for corporate jobs in analytics-based consulting in marketing, operations, supply chain management, finance, insurance, and general management in numerous industries.The operationalization of ML models will also be covered with the attendees.

Duration: 9 months
Fees structure: Rs. 7,75,000
Mode: Online and offline classes


This executive long-distance programme would be broken down into modules covering subjects including Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Human Resources Analytics, and Operations Analytics. It would also include a residential component at IIMA.The program’s total value is anticipated to lay a strong basis for business analytics.

Business Analytics Courses available in IIMs

Duration: 6-8 months
Fees structure: Rs. 3,67,150
Mode: Online live classes


The program has been designed to impart in-depth knowledge on modelling the business problems and on using the tools and techniques of analytics to make the participants capable of playing a leading role in this evolving field. It is structured to enable the participants to define business and other real-life problems, use analytical tools and techniques to identify patterns, gain insights, develop business strategies and make sound management decisions. The program is expected to provide an overview of various management disciplines and an in-depth understanding of Data Science.

Duration: 2 year
Fees structure: Rs. 17,50,000
Mode: offline classes


Deep data analytics are required by businesses to make high-quality decisions based on strong concepts.Business analytics employs business intelligence, which makes it easier to comprehend data and identify emerging trends. Analytics is destined to improve the existing business environment.The BAA Program at IIM Tiruchirappalli is concentrated on offering a framework for converting data into business acumen to produce high-quality outcomes.
A combination of lectures, case-based discussions, and hands-on training will make up the PG Certification Programme in Business Analytics and Applications curriculum.

Duration: 1 year
Fees structure: Rs. 2,67,000
Mode: Hybrid


Candidates with work experience are introduced to management principles and leadership styles in the developing digital commercial enterprises through the first-ever One Year MBA programme in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM).
The program’s objective is to create the corporate leaders who will power the digital economy. It is the only MBA programme in the nation where the main emphasis is on teaching students how to manage digital systems and how to use those systems to lead complex and varied teams in digital settings and make data-driven choices.

Duration: 1 year
Fees structure: Rs. 22,60,000
Mode: Online classes with on campus modules


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